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COLLAPAT® II is a haemostatic bone substitute biomaterial presented in a sponge form. It is composed of a collagen structure in which ceramised hydroxyapatite granules are dispersed.
The granules of hydroxyapatite give the material its osteoconductive properties. The hydroxyapatite is slowly resorbed. The collagen gives COLLAPAT® II its strong haemostatic power and is completely resorbable in a few weeks. The collagen is extracted from bovine dermis. The manufacturing procedure comprises stages recognized to inactivate viruses and non-conventional transmissible agents such as Prions. These treatments make it possible to ensure maximum microbiological safety for COLLAPAT® II, in particular in respect to the agent responsible for BSE.


  • COLLAPAT® II is osteoconductive.
  • It is generally completely colonised by the healthy orthotopic tissue thanks to intensive bone regeneration.
  • COLLAPAT® II exerts a haemostatic effect on the bone surfaces that it covers and on the muscles that are partially freed and replaced during surgery, stopping bleeding in a few minutes.

Indications: In orthopaedics:

COLLAPAT® II is used to promote the repair of various types of bone lesions:REOs strip

  • After extracting cortico-spongoid bone fragments.
  • After tumour resection.
  • In revision cases.
  • In surgical spondylodeses.
  • In cases of pseudarthrosis.
  • In certain fractures treated by osteosynthesis.

COLLAPAT® II is also used to induce bone substance replacement in maxillo facial surgery and odonto-stomatology.

  • After removal of wisdom teeth or impacted cuspids,
  • After removal of radicular or dental cysts,
  • Periodontal pocket debridement,
  • Filling for a sinus grafts
  • Restoration of bone stock following avulsion, trauma or tumours prior to fitting of implants.

Method of administration:

COLLAPAT® II must be used in perfectly sterile operating conditions after adequate preparation of the site to be treated.

COLLAPAT® II can be cut, using surgical scissors, to the desired dimensions to facilitate its application. After being wet with tissue fluids, antibiotics or saline solution, COLLAPAT® II becomes soft and paste-like, making it easy to use to fill the cavity requiring treatment.

Draining is strongly recommended but the drains must not be in direct contact with COLLAPAT® II.

Rinsing of the implanted area is to be avoided.

COLLAPAT® II is not designed to be removed except in the case of post-surgical infection.

In the case of widespread and very deep bone lesions or segment defects of more than 1 to 2 cm, autologous bone shavings or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) should be combined with COLLAPAT® II.

Bone instabilities require supporting osteosynthesis.

Presentation and size:

COLLAPAT® II is packed per single unit in a aluminium pouch.

This product is manufactured in EU by Symatese, France.



Type   Volume   Packing   Art.code  
Cube   1 x 1 x 1 cms   Box of 5 units   PAT1X1X1  
Pad   3.5 x 6 x 0.6 cms   Box of 1 unit   PAT35X6
    7 x 11 x 0.6 cms   Box of 1 unit   PAT7X11
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