Strong, safe and effective collagen hemostat for extreme situations

POWERCOL® is an active Fibrillar Absorbable Haemostatic Collagen, proven to accelerate clot formation.
Collagen accelerates clot formation by enhancing platelet aggregation and the release of proteins to form fibrin, resulting in hemostasis.

POWERCOL® is a purified equine collagen product. The material is sterile, pyrogen-free and absorbable. The haemostat action largely depends on the product's fibrous structure. This allows a rapid initial packing of the wound, which mechanically stops the bleeding.
Stabilisation of the initial packing is provided by the formation of a fibrin network. Once collagen comes into contact with blood, the platelets stick together and release coagulation factors that, together with plasma factors, lead to fibrin formation and ultimately to the formation of a clot.

Ease of Use

  • Excellent adherence to bleeding site
  • Can be used dry or wet and can be used with saline or thrombin
  • Conforms and adheres to irregular spaces
  • Easy removal with irrigation and suction
  • POWERCOL® in an easy-to-handle applicator
  • Apply as little, or as much, as needed to control bleeding

If necessary, POWERCOL® can be left in situ. The surgeon is responsible for deciding whether to remove surplus POWERCOL® before closing the wound.

POWERCOL®  is supplied in a non-moulded form, ready-for-use, in a convenient applicator in the following format:

  • 0.5 grams, in a box of 6 units | ARTICLE NO. 4960506
  • 1.0 grams, in a box of 6 units | ARTICLE NO. 4961006

About CollagenPOWERCOL
The word collagen is derived from a Greek word where “kola” means gum and “gen” means producing. Collagen is a fibrous structural protein present in the extracellular matrix and connective tissue of animals (Ramshaw et al., 2009). It is the sole most profuse protein in the animal kingdom. Collagen is absent in plants and unicellular organisms where polysaccharides and cellulose takes up its role. From time immemorial it has been subjected to various studies. Its applications are numerous and have been extracted from various sources.

The POWERCOL® is extracted from equine deep flexor tendons. Due to the outbreak of diseases such as BSE, TSE,FMD especially mad cow disease,which pose a threat to the humans, our researchers have been in
search for an alternative safer source of collagen - that was found in equine. One of the major disadvantages of the popular bovine collagen is that nearly 3% of the population is allergic to it causing a hindrance in its usage.

In modern medicine collagen based biomaterials play a vital role! Collagen type I is considered to be the gold standard for this field due to its high biocompatibility. Biomaterials based on collagen are widely used in tissue engineering such as hemostatic matrices and scaffolds intended for tissue and bone regeneration.





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